Thursday, May 19, 2011


I meant to do this blog more often but I haven't had the heart to write anything lately. The weather continues to be rainy nearly every day. Here it is past the frost free date and my garden is untilled and unplanted. It has also been 20 degrees below normal with twice the adv. rain. My veggie garden is a mud hole and there seems to be no end of rain in sight. Well, we get a partly cloudy day every once in awhile but not anything strong enough to dry out the ground. Last year I was eating stuff from the garden already.  This year I am wondering if I could plant rice. lol.

It is a good time to transplant things as they are don't wilt or lack water for their new roots. I moved some hosta, daffodils, and toad lily.They are all doing very well. I will take a pic of them when the sun shines.

Photo from Michigan Bulb site
Photographer unknown

toad lily link for those who don't know what they are or would like to get their own. This is where I got mine.  They spread very well and are very pretty in the fall. I bought 6 plants three years ago and now have over twenty. They do well in full to partial shade. You can't see it here but they also have lovely spotted green foliage.

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